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The music line POWERIGEL ("power hedgehog") fulfils a seemingly simple task: the distribution of power to audio components. However, the difficulty lies in designing a mains distributor that does not affect the sound quality of your hi-fi system.

We realized just how difficult it would be to achieve this when we began developing the POWERIGEL, a venture that took much longer than we had expected. Components were carefully selected in countless listening tests, and every feature with even the slightest bearing on sound quality came under close scrutiny, right down to the type of material used for the suspension.

The anodised aluminium casing is mechanically decoupled by means of leaf-sprung feet to reduce microphony effects caused by vibration. Small spikes interface with the floor and help to further reduce microphony.

The POWERIGEL is available with six, eight or eleven power leads (POWERIGEL 6, 8 and 11, respectively) made of the same type of cable used by Naim Audio. A special cold-welding technique practically eliminates insertion loss, which is one of the main problems of conventional mains distributors with screw connections, and the star arrangement guarantees consistent sound quality for all components connected to the POWERIGEL.

Its sophisticated engineering and design make the POWERIGEL unique in the hi-fi market. The POWERIGEL makes audio components sound more powerful and greatly improves tonal balance, clarity and rhythmic precision.